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'Green’ or 'natural’ burial is a method that supports the earth's ecosystem instead of damaging it as traditional methods do. In green burial no toxic chemical embalming fluids are used. Caskets, if used at all, are made of biodegradable materials. The body is buried close to the ground surface (about 24 to 30-inches down), so it nourishes plant growth as it decomposes. Grave markers are either native stones, laid flat on the ground, or plants such as shrubs or trees.


Pine Coffin in Woodland Setting *

Natural Stone Marker *


* Photographs courtesy of Memorial Ecosystems, Inc.

To promote green burial, a group of people in Pittsburgh has formed a non-profit cemetery association, called Green Burial Pittsburgh (GBP), which expands our city’s green vision to include Green Burials.  GBP is working with land conservancy groups to establish woodland Green Cemeteries in Western Pennsylvania. 

Learn more about Green Burial Pittsburgh and how you can get involved by visiting the links on the left-hand column. We also encourage you to talk to us today or donate to our organization.